Kannaway Review


As a two time breast cancer survivor that has been dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and glaucoma, I began to look for alternatives to turn my health around. I have been taking prescription medications for all of these conditions, but have not been satisfied with the results. In July 2017, I began a daily regimen of taking 50 mg of Kannaway CBD. Last week, October 24, 2017, I had a physical. I am elated with my lab results (and so is my internist). My cholesterol level fell 52 points and is now in the normal range, my blood pressure was 118/74 (it had been as high as 169/95) and all of my other blood work was in the normal range. I also went to the ophthalmologist and my eye pressure was much lower so rather than going to see her once a month, I go back back in 4 months. I am not making any medical or health claims about Kannaway CBD, I am not a doctor or connected to the health field in any way. I just wanted to share my personal results of adding 50 mg of Kannaway CBD to my daily wellness routine. One thing is for sure, I will take Kannaway CBD for the rest of my life. I am now on a mission to educate and share with others the value hemp can add to your life.

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